TouchDevelop logo TouchDevelop is new programming language as well as a new programming environment.
Code is written using the TouchDevelop application which runs as a native App on Windows mobile devices, and also runs in a browser on many other devices.
It is being used as the basis for new courses in the Bachelor of Information Technology and the Master of Information Technology degrees.

The use of buttons and context sensitive menus means that code can be easily entered from a mobile phone. The context sensitive buttons means that even with a small screen, all options are presented to the programmer.

TouchDevelop enables App development without the high level of knowledge usually required for App programming, but still allows complex Apps to be written. The course is intended to follow on from the introductory programming course.

TouchDevelop was used in a new course offered for the first time in 2013 at the University of Newcastle. The course is completely new and incorporates blended learning. Teaching includes quizzes, videos, demos and discussions as well as lectures. This is part of the new look Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) degree. Course featuring TouchDevelop are being offered in 2014. Our program is listed with others on this site. TouchDevelop logo

Not only is this a new approach to programming but also adds the concept of an online community. Programmers submit their code to the TouchDevelop web site, where other users can comment on their code and can indicate they like the new App by awarding it a “heart”.

Users can adapt code from other programmers, or find examples on how to perform tasks using TouchDevelop. Students will utilize this online community during the course. They will create a mobile app, share ideas, and comment on each others code.

TouchDevelop recognises that most people will interact with mobile rather than desktop
This is part of the current computing revolution that is moving towards mobile devices as main platform for people to interact with.
The TouchDevelop web site includes PowerPoint slides and videos at many level from “getting started” to more advanced topics.

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