Personal Branding and Business

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Branding, be it personal, in business, or in life, is more effective as well as much more powerful and sustainable as compared to marketing, sales, and also an effective method of gaining a competitive advantage over your competitors. It is the ability to influence others through identification with certain ideas and representations. And as of now, as the world continues to grow, branding is no longer used just by companies anymore. Such is the idea behind Personal Branding (Kleppinger & Cain, 2015). The effective management of different perceptions, influence and control of what the people around you think of you is the result of successful personal branding. It is especially important in today’s quickly growing online world, whereby personal branding is what seems to define you in the virtual space, and also becoming increasingly essential towards attaining personal success. Success goes hand-in-hand with a strong personal branding of some of the world most successful people, for example; Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Michael Jordan, Oprah Winfrey and Tigers Woods. Thus, successful personal branding is important as a means of being in control of your life. And even though many people might not know this, but everyone has a personal brand. It is important to be in control of your personal brand such that you may choose what kind of message you want to send as well as how you choose to portray yourself, and in return will benefit you as you continue to grow and learn how to distinguish yourself as a professional amongst everyone else. (Todor, 2014)

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And now that we’ve been focusing on these social reasons, it is also important to open our eyes to how firms can use social platforms for their own competitive advantage. If you think of “social media” your mind automatically thinks of content that is created by anyone for everyone to consume, to share their opinion and what they have to say. And once firms recognise the potential of social media and understand that consumers use these sites to connect with one another, it wont be long before strategies are implemented to fully take advantage of that. If you think of social media as a place strictly for business, it will be hard for firms to profit from it, but if you think of it as a place to connect with one another, they can easily benefit from it. (Zakarevičius & Lionikaitè, 2013)

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