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Canon 60D Digital SLR User Guide

Canon 60D

A user guide is available for the Canon 60D Digital SLRs available through the booking system

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Visual Communication Exhibition 2010

The annual Visual Communication Exhibition returned with a bang in 2010 at a new venue & curated by graduate Adam Flannery, as part of his 3rd year studies. Under the supervision of Roger Dunstan, 3rd year co-ordinator, Adam & a team of 3rd year students transformed a gallery space generously offered by Renew Newcastle. Featuring […]

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Smack Down II, 2010

The Design Club Smack Down is a tournament of digital illustration skill, speed and fun, celebrating the species known as the ‘graphic designer’ and all of the really cool toys they get to play with in the process. The tournament consists of three 20min rounds, each with three competitors armed with a dual-boot Mac computer, […]

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