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Booking System FAQ’s

Check out these booking system Frequently Asked Questions if you are experiencing any difficulties with the DCIT Facility and Equipment Booking System.


Q: How do I log on to the booking system?

A: Access the site by clicking here – log in with your student number (without the 'c') and password '1234'. The system will prompt you to create your own password for subsequent visits.


Q: I cannot access the site from home using Internet Explorer. The booking system gives a 'redirect error' message and will not load.

A: Unfortunately, there are known compatibility issues between the booking system and Internet Explorer. Try using another browser (eg. firefox, safari or chrome).


Q: I've managed to log on, but I cannot see all of the resources I require for my courses this semester.

A: If this is the case, contact Tech Support Staff via email at, and state all production courses you are studying this semester. Tech Staff will be able to change your booking privileges to reflect the courses you are studying.


Q: I've accessed the system in previous semesters, why can't a log in to the booking system this semester?

A: The booking system is cleared and repopulated with students studying a media production course for the current semester. You need to be presently enrolled in a course that requires access to equipment and facilities in order to make bookings. If you are not enrolled in one of these courses, you will not be given 'general' access to resources.


Don't forget, you can get in touch with DCIT Tech Support staff via email at for any questions you may have about the booking system, equipment or facilities.

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