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Our fleet of JVC’s HM100E cameras are used primarily for introductory media production courses, as well as courses covering media interviews and journalism.

These cameras are small, light, and relatively simple to use, and therefore aren’t too intimidating for someone not used to camera operation. The offer a range of shooting options including full manual and full auto.

The cameras are capable of recording Full HD (1080P) directly to a SDHC card, providing cheap and flexible recording options. Once footage is captured files are transferred to a computer in the same way you would transfer a picture from a digital still camera. These SDHC cards are not provided and operators are required to purchase one. The ICT store does sell the cards, but if you would rather buy from elsewhere please ensure that you get a Class 6 SDHC card capable of at least 25MB/S transfer rate.

If you are having difficulty with one of these cameras please check the manual or alternatively see if we have made a video tutorial for your issue.

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