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CMNS1230 – Online Help Podcasts

This page lists all the Online Help Podcasts to be used in CMNS1230 Foundations of Media Production.

Please use these podcasts to help you understand and use Final Cut Pro, Pro Tools and Editshare.

Podcasts will become available on a week by week basis. The full list of podcasts is listed below.


Episode 0: Using a Mac

Episode 1: FCP – The Interface

Episode 2: FCP – File Management and Project Setup

Episode 3: FCP – Editing Basics

Episode 4: FCP – Manipulation Text, Slugs and Speed

Episode 5: FCP – Editing Sound in Final Cut Pro

Episode 6: FCP – Filters and Effects

Episode 7: FCP – Output and Compression

Episode 8: PT – Project Setup and Interface

Episode 9: PT – Basic Sound Editing

Episode 10: PT – Using video in Pro Tools

Episode 11: PT – Output and Compression

Episode 12: Editshare for CMNS1230

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