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CMNS1230 – PREVIEW CLIPS for Video Project

*** ATTENTION – HOME USERS ON WINDOWS COMPUTERS*** There have been issues with previewing video files embedded within a webpage on Windows computers at home. You will need to download the video files by RIGHT-CLICKING on the link and then choosing the SAVE-AS option to download the file to your computer. You will then need […]

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Booking and Store Hours

Store hours are Monday to Friday: RETURNS & COLLECTIONS 8.30am to 10am 2.30pm to 4pm Make your booking

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Our fleet of JVC’s HM100E cameras are used primarily for introductory media production courses, as well as courses covering media interviews and journalism. These cameras are small, light, and relatively simple to use, and therefore aren’t too intimidating for someone not used to camera operation. The offer a range of shooting options including full manual […]

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