Many professions in the communication and media industries, including journalism, public relations and media production, are in a state of flux and this period of sustained change is providing fertile ground for research opportunities.

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image threeWith the revolution taking place in digital distribution a whole range of revenue earning and creative opportunities have surfaced for the communication and media industries worldwide. The relationship between media producers, distributors and consumers has shifted.

This shift has social, cultural, technological and intellectual property ramifications.  Many of the traditional media industries are reappraising their approach to audience engagement and new players have entered the media space as a result of the capabilities presented by the digital environment.

Social media has become a critically important new form of media and the ability of traditional players to account for these now necessary media has been shifting the ground from under them. These circumstances present extensive opportunities for research that provide evidenced based information to help industry, media producers and those interested in the public policy, social and cultural implications of these changes, position themselves strategically to benefit from these changes.

At the same time there are ongoing research problems that are necessary to be investigated. These include understanding how media audiences interact with media producers, how communicative texts come into being, the effects of all types of communication and the nature of creativity and communication itself.