About F-SAE


Formula SAE is an international engineering design competition that challenges university students to manage a project as a team. Teams are to assume that they work for a firm that is designing, fabricating, testing and demonstrating a prototype vehicle for the non-professional weekend competition market.
The vehicle is to be a small, open wheel, Formula style race car which should have very high performance figures in terms of acceleration, braking and handling. Additional design factors such as aesthetics, cost and reliability must also be considered as the prototype is marketed to a panel of potential investors.

Teams attend one (or more) of the 13 annual Formula SAE competitions around the world to have their prototype evaluated against other competing designs to determine the best overall vehicle. Vehicles are judged out of 1000 points in both static and dynamic events.

NU Racing is the University of Newcastle’s Fomula SAE team. We are a self managed team of undergraduate and postgraduate students in a number of disciplines including Engineering, Computer Science, Construction Management, Business, Law, Design, Communication and IT.