Team Members

The 2016 NU Racing team consists of 62 University of Newcastle students from a variety of disciplines.

The team is divided into various divisions, each having its own role in ensuring the success of the team as a whole in the F-SAE competition. The team is managed by a group of dedicated students who work together to support and motivate team members, leading to a high functioning and productive team.

Liam Crow


Liam Crow is the 2016 Business Manager, responsible for logistics, funds management, sponsorship, public image and the business case of the FSAE competition. Introduced in 2015, the business manager role has been of critical importance as the team has moved toward a top-down management structure.

Liam is a fourth year Mechanical Engineering/ Business double degree student at the University of Newcastle, and in addition to his work as the team business manager, is currently engaged in the refinement of wheel centre geometry using finite element analysis.

Alexander Gregg

Alexander Gregg is the 2016 Team Leader, responsible for team vision, direction and top-level management. The role of the team leader has evolved over the past three years, stepping away from design management and toward bridging the gap between the business, logistics and design arms of the team and providing a support mechanism for all team members to grow as engineers.

Alex is a final-year mechanical engineering student at the University of Newcastle. His final-year project and area of research involves the non contact tomographic mapping of elastic strain tensor fields within bodies via neutron transmission measurements.

Alex joined NU Racing in 2014, serving in a number of positions within the team. He is a firm believer in the ability of the F-SAE team to empower undergraduate students, and aims to ensure that NU Racing produces some of the best graduates in NSW.

Thomas Steigler

Thomas Steigler

Thomas Steigler is NU Racing’s Chief Engineer for 2016, responsible for the success of the internal combustion (IC) vehicle for the 2016 competition and the development of the 2017 electric vehicle (EV). He is currently in his fourth year of a combined degree of Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering. Thomas is well suited to his position as Chief Engineer, having joined the team in his first week at Newcastle University in 2013, he has over 3 years of experience being involved in nearly every aspect of the team at one point or another.

Thomas enjoys the design experience just as much as the hands on opportunities, is excited by the prospects of the electric vehicle being developed for the 2017 competition and is honoured to be leading NU Racing’s conversion from IC to EV’s. He is a firm believer in Claude Roulle’s (President of OptimumG and Formula SAE design judge) quote, “Build an A team and a C car first, and then as the team evolves you will end up with an A team and an A car… People, then machine.” (2012)

Thomas has played an active role in NU Racing’s competition score increasing every year he has been in the team, and will work hard to see a continued increase in team performance this year and in the future.